13 – 19 years



Our international curriculum is flexible, challenging and inspiring, culturally sensitive, yet global in approach. Our students develop a well-founded curiosity and an enduring desire for learning. They also acquire the skills necessary to succeed at universities both in South Africa and worldwide, as well as in their future careers.

  • We are committed to the overall growth of our students
  • We believe that every student wants to learn and can learn
  • We pay attention to the learning needs of our students
  • We believe that learning thrives in a supportive and secure learning environment
  • We actively build student knowledge by developing student thinking and tendencies
  • We evaluate to fill student learning gaps in preparation for International Exams
  • We encourage freedom of expression and individuality

At O’Summit International College, we constantly strive to prepare our students for the “real world” through our unique teaching philosophy that embeds knowledge, application and skills through their subject choices.

The challenge most students face, is that much of our world today and the future is based on computers and technology which need 21st century survival skills.

We may not know exactly what our learners will face in the future, but the advantage is that they will have the knowledge and skills they need to get there.

O’Summit College has a vision to prepare each student with an education that serves them for life, in a culture of care and excellence.

Critical thinking and problem solving

Preparation: Students need to develop the ability to look at problems from different angles and devise their own solutions. No matter which career path they choose, thinking and acting quickly is an essential tool for the future. To do this, teachers present to students situations, where they need to discover and apply solutions for themselves.

Leadership through collaboration and influence between networks

Preparation: Preparation: Understanding that not every person is born a natural leader. The ability to guide others can ensure that one can move forward and succeed in the career of choice. Optimal preparation for students in this field requires more than normal teamwork.

Students are encouraged to play different roles within the group project for each task within the project, rather than simply joining the group to divide the task. There are various roles that can be played during a project, allowing them to work with others in a more collaborative way than splitting the project and finally undoing it

Agility and adaptability

Preparation: Our students need to be accustomed to the idea of change and ready to adapt to the changes around them. Our teachers help create a highly dynamic classroom environment to help prepare students for the future.

The educational strategies we use, classroom settings, methods of demonstrating learning by students, and even group work and homework guidelines can help students adapt. For example, let students create a storyline and then surprise  them with essential elements that need to be incorporated, or switch between tasks based on the preparations of others to complete a task.

Entrepreneurship and initiative

Preparation: Students need to be able to take initiative and contribute to the world. Our students know that teachers are available and ready to hear ideas for classroom and school improvements, help them organize and implement their ideas, even if they fail. It can be a valuable lesson on how to analyse what went wrong and how to improve their ideas. They are never afraid to try a new idea or ask for guidance.

Effective oral and written communication

Preparation: Despite advances in technology, these skills never diminish in importance. We endeavour to teach our students how to speak confidently and clearly. Effective communication does not happen naturally, it involves practice.

We teach articulation, speed, volume, gestures and eye contact through Drama and Debate. For written communication, our students learn effective writing and editing skills through writing academic and business English language classes

Accessing and analysing information

Preparation: Today’s students have access to an unimaginable amount of information. The internet provides incredible research tools that can be your best friend or worst enemy. All our subjects are inquiry and research based, accessing information is easy, but accessing the right information is usually more complex.

Students need to search millions of website options on a particular topic and we show them how to find what they need (and trust what they find).

Curiosity and imagination

Preparation: Our students are naturally interested in their world and want to explore it. Their imagination is vast and untouched, creating endless practical and impractical things. Our role as educators, is not only to instil curiosity and wit from them, but to continue to encourage them to develop and use their creativity intentionally.

Not all of us like and appreciate the same thing, our educators pay close attention to how they encourage and develop their students’ creativity and imagination. We can teach them what is appropriate in what circumstances without making them   feel wrong or bad.

Motivated teachers

At O’Summit International College, high academic standards are maintained by highly qualified and dedicated faculty members who are fully committed to the educational needs of each student. It effectively combines general and professional knowledge with ongoing mentoring and hands-on training in a variety of disciplines to encourage students to make the most of what they have learnt.

Growth and development in every way

Our goal is to contribute to the full intellectual, emotional, social, moral and physical development of each student according to their age, needs and interests. To achieve this goal, our school is committed to the effective use of information and communication technologies to enable students to develop the necessary skills to find, analyse, use and share information.

During their education at O’Summit International College, our students acquire the knowledge, skills and values necessary for personal development and success, as well as for families, communities and society as a whole.



The future-ready classroom is equipped with the latest technology that enables teachers to enrich creative lessons with interactive and fun content.

This technology not only makes it easier to access, but also promotes faster information sharing and the ability to retrieve data instantaneously.

In the context of future readiness, the intellectual class includes:

  • The use of laptops, iPads, tablets and other similar devices. Given that we are actively using them on a daily basis, it is very important for future generations to know how to properly handle these devices and successfully use them to find the right information.
  • Internet access for students to use various types of online learning materials.
  • Educational apps that make learning more creative around the world. That’s how the future ready system can inspire students to explore, define, and achieve their career goals.
  • Interactive online learning materials that encourage and develop creativity and knowledge acquisition.
  • A modern comfortable space with technology and specially designed colour schemes that stimulate brain activity, improve concentration, and accelerate the learning process.


  • Small classes – no more than 12 students per class
  • Individualised attention for academic excellence
  • Caring teachers who are subject experts. They hold Master Degrees and Doctorates for AS and A Levels
  • International British accredited education system, recognised across the world
  • Eco-friendly serene gardens for calmness of mind and spirit
  • Safe environment for both physical and psychological development
  • Creativity
  • Direct access to Executive Head of College and teachers – an open door policy to learners
  • Application- based curriculum
  • Career guidance and assistance with application to universities across the world
  • Professional Chef
  • No formal school uniform
  • 5000 word research paper writing in A Level
  • Assisted homework classes
  • Online support and electronic books
  • Cognitive testing
  • Unlike IEB that requires Core Mathematics, our Curriculum teaches Core and Extended Mathematics, preferred by universities.
  • We offer A Levels in Grade 12 and not year 13 (1st year university)
  • We offer laboratory time to home-schoolers


A one-on-one review of your expectations and the report with a counsellor will help you get an interpretation of your analysis.

Learners have a choice of possible subject combination groups. Should a learner want any subject that falls within another group, this will be at the sole consideration of the Head of College.

For students to successfully complete AS-A Level, a minimum of 80% attendance is required.

The four planes



We have been teaching a two-year programme for Advance Level since September 2020 and is achieved by age 18 or 19.

We offer an individualised curriculum, and students can choose to specialise in a subject area or study a range of subjects. Six Advanced level subjects over two years are recommended for students who want to pursue studies locally or internationally.

One of the biggest challenges for students is to stand out from the crowd when applying to universities and employers.

We are committed to help students in this regard by teaching them the life skills needed to be successful. Students have the opportunity to develop skills by researching a topic of their choice by completing a 5000 word research project. They can choose a subject to complement one of their Advanced level subjects, or a topic that they are passional about.


To ensure that our students never miss out on a lesson and are well-organised in their learning, we follow a Blended Learning method of teaching that integrates technology and digital media with traditional instructor-led classroom activities. This gives students more flexibility to customise their learning experience and allows for differentiated instruction, that will also help the student to pace themselves by re-watching or revising lessons in their own time.

Education is no longer just about putting pen to paper and memorizing facts. Today, innovative teaching is improving learning through technology. Our College environment ensures that this happens.


Visit our admissions page for more information on the application process and fill out the O’Summit application process to start your child’s journey today!


The new school year for 2025 starts on the 15th of January. Please download the calendar for full term dates.

Having moved countries numerous times and my sons attending 7 different schools over the years, I can say with confidence that O’Summit International is one of the most phenomenal schools I’ve encountered. With an amazing interactive approach to education, their inclusive ethos to all children irrespective of background or learning requirements is not only refreshing but so reassuring for me as a parent. I would unequivocally recommend the school to anyone who’s child may not conform 100% to traditional main stream schooling or someone looking for a smaller, safer, more personal space for kids to learn and grow.


Vice President, Universal Studios

As a mum, you always worry when your child changes schools. But my son has settled so well into his new environment at O' Summit. With teachers who acknowledge him as an individual and are there to offer support, I know he is in good hands".

Julia Mhone


Our son LOVES O’Summit. He has been at O’Summit since pre-school/Casa, he is now at O’Summit College (high school). How time flies!! He loves the environment and the Cambridge International curriculum. The size of the school allows for a lower student to teacher ratio, giving him great confidence when asking questions, engaging in group activities, and opportunities for one-on-one time with the teacher. O’Summit has nurtured his “love of learning” in an environment of responsibility and leadership with kindness.

Lindani & Marco Nyon


“O'Summit College has not only provided my daughter with a home, it has improved her confidence, ambition, independence and growth. When we moved to O'Summit in 2018, I needed a safe space for my child to learn and grow. O'Summit College has provided me with more than that. I have seen a great balance in my daughter's individualism, and her confidence. That balance is not only displayed in her school work but at home as well as her other activities. I highly recommend the College as it has made a huge contribution to my daughter's life and future career.”

Mmadika Moloi