Admission process

admission process international college bryanston buildings

In placing a child at our school we are always mindful of the child’s needs first. 

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Submit enquiry

Please show your interest by completing the online form via the Contact Us page.

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Take a tour

Our admissions team will review your enquiry and get in contact to book a school tour for the parents.

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Get Wait-listed

Post completion of the school tour, should you wish to continue the process, you will be required to complete the wait-listing forms.

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School visit for children

Our admissions team will contact you to arrange a 2 to 3 day visit whereby the children attend our school. This is to gauge fit and adjustment to the environment. Please note that in the College environment some assessments might be required

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Feedback meeting

Post the school visit, parents will be invited to attend a feedback meeting.


Successful admission

On receipt of the successful admission letter, parents are required to complete the full application form and pay enrolment fees within 7 days to secure the spot.