International School Curriculum

Education for Life

In our College we seek to enable the leaders, artists, and explorers of tomorrow on their quest for knowledge, today. To do this, our lecturers work to create and facilitate a holistic learning environment, while preparing learners for the world at large through the accreditation offered by our international school curriculum.

This international diploma is recognised worldwide. It is also the passport to excellent universities across the globe and is recognised by employers of top international organisations.

Middle School

Students develop skills and understanding in 10 subjects including English, Mathematics and Science. Progression tests help teachers check their progress.

High School

Students build a broad learning programme from a range of subjects. In each subject, they work towards achieving excellence.

Advanced Level

Students develop the deep understanding, thinking skills, and rigours they need for university.

Subject Offerings at O'Summit College

O'Summit College of International Education

Stem Subjects

Physical Science

Arts & Humanities Subjects

Design & Technology
Geography / Environmental Management
Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Business Subjects

Business Studies

CAT4® Cognitive Abilities Test

On entry to our college, learners are assessed to understand each one’s potential and learning preferences.  The objective is to lift the performance of all learners, including those who are falling behind to master objectives.  This is obtained through high quality, evidence based instruction, material supplementation where required, and individualised intervention methods.

Curiosity and engagement are the best teachers

Eugenia Louw, Head of College at O'Summit International School