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The Montessori Primary and Casa environments do not require for children to complete homework, unless it is a task or project which the child has elected to complete in their own time at home.

The College children will be provided with tasks or assignments aligned to the curriculum, from time to time.  Sufficient notice will be provided and resources will be allocated accordingly.  College students are required to attend the compulsory assisted homework period daily (Monday to Thursday) from 15h00 to 15h30.  Learners are given the opportunity to attend to work not completed during school hours and have access to information and assistance from lecturers.

We acknowledge the importance of family time, time to take part in extra murals, sport and other activities, thus we aim to maintain a balance and not overwhelm children and parents with homework. 

We embrace selected software, technology and electronic devices to assist in facilitating online and distance learning, as needed from time to time.  The College environment utilize devices as part of their daily learning, as we provide access to a variety e-learning tools and online resources (Hodder Education and Dynamic Learning).  All College learners have access to a Microsoft Teams environment where they can communicate with other learners, lecturers and submit assessments as and when required.  We recommend that all College learners are equipped with access to a laptop or computer at home.  The College has a media centre accessible to learners during school hours.

Where possible, and due to distraction electronic devices may have on the younger children, we discourage to daily and continued use of electronic devices and technology in the Montessori Casa and Primary environments.  Both these environments prefer learning through stimulating the senses and encouraging critical exploration and tactile concept development.  

We encourage parents to limit the unsupervised time children spend on devices.  

The school has a policy restricting access to personal electronic devices within Primary school, and restrictions around Mobile Phone use for College learners.

We support and encourage individualism.  Out of respect for our bodies and each other, we request that all children dress appropriately for their age group.   Please consult the Parent Handbook for the recommended dress code and standards checklist, which will be issued at enrolment.

We encourage children to eat nutritionally balanced meals.  Parents are encouraged to pack a healthy, wholesome snack for school. Packed lunches could include fruit, vegetables, healthy carbohydrates and protein. All children are required to bring a water bottle to school every day.  Children are encouraged to consume water at school and no other liquids will be allowed.  

Due to food allergies, we discourage the sharing of food.

We offer a daily cooked lunch option to all children.  Lunch is served between 12h00 and 14h00 daily and attracts an additional fee (see Fee Structure for each age group).  The menu is constructed to be healthy and nutritious, comprising of wholesome, home-cooked food. Mondays are meat-free and Fridays offer a fun meal.

The safety of all entering our school is a priority. We control access to the main entry and exit gates as well as at the pedestrian gates which lead to the different environments. 

Details to obtain entry rights will be issued on enrolment.  

Age and curriculum appropriate going out or field trips, are arranged by the school for the different environments and children, as deemed necessary.  Fees associated with such events are billed upfront for the year as a levy.  The fees are utilised to cover any travel expenses and entrance fees.  Parents are required to sign “Acknowledgement, Permission and Indemnity forms” for every event.  These forms will be provided in advance.

Consult the Parent Handbook for further details on “Learning Outside The Classroom”.

Any and all events will be communicated to parents well in advance.  

Toddlers & Casa  – Due to the legalities associated with the transportation of young children, as well as their sense of order and desire to feel more secure in a predictable environment, the Toddlers and Casa children do not go on any outings but we bring the experiences to them.