Pure Montessori follows



We provide a classic Montessori educational experience from 18 months through to
12 years.

  1. Classes catering for the developmental planes [0 – 3, 3 – 6 and 7 – 12 years of age]
  2. Uninterrupted work cycles at all levels
  3. Fully integrated curriculum including art & music
  4. Trained Montessori Guide [educator] & Assistant in every environment
  5. A full complement of Montessori Materials in all environments

Children are given the opportunity to choose their own work from an array of Montessori materials that have been presented to them and are displayed on open shelves. After choosing an activity, the child returns to their chosen workspace – either at a table or a rug placed on the floor. Upon completion of the activity, they return the material to its original place on the shelf ready to be used by another child, before moving on to another activity.

Over time, children in this environment exhibit a tremendous ability to apply themselves with a high degree of concentration and focus. As a child becomes accustomed to working in a Montessori environment and community, the child becomes self-disciplined, orderly and focused.